Flower Crowns and Wedding Weekends / by Kate Brightbill


We spent our weekend preparing for and celebrating friends and their beautiful wedding. My husband was the handsomest of groomsmen, and our girls were flower girls, so we were very much immersed in wedding and all its loveliness. We all slept VERY well the last couple nights, I assure you, and the title of National Coffee Day was fitting for yesterday. I drank far more than my fair share. (The "holiday" should fall on a Monday every year!).

I was responsible for creating three little flower crowns for the three lovely flower girls. I procrastinated on making them because I did not have a car or the time the last couple weeks for getting myself to a craft store, and because the link I found on Pinterest said they're quick and easy to make in 10 minutes or so! Not so, my friends, not so. 

They are NOT quick and easy, but I am proud of the way they turned out. I found tiny fake white and pink flowers, and something slightly resembling baby's breath, which I believe is essential to a successful floral crown. A bit of pretty greenery, and you have your floral mix. Add some nice, sturdy wire, and please, please just use a hot glue gun. Try nothing else because in my experience, nothing else works. Any other glue will make you go slightly crazy as those lovely little flowers fall off as fast as they are glued. 

Here's the last trick for you: remove those stems from your flowers the best your hands can. It's a bit tedious and tricky, but the stems make it all much harder, long term. 

NOW, if I haven't deterred you from creating flower crowns entirely, please realize that if you do use these tips and hot glue, those floral crowns will last PERFECTLY and withstand all tiny hands pulling them on, off, squishing the flowers, etc. These crowns didn't lose a single petal. For that reason alone, if you need flower crowns, DO make them yourself, and DO allow yourself 40 minutes for each. Your daughters will thank you. 


It was one of those great weekends that you are so thankful to be a part of, but you wake on Monday morning (and Tuesday, for that matter!) needing far more than just a small cup of coffee. As soon as the kids rested today and yesterday, I dozed right off into dreamland. I haven't napped in months until this week, and I had forgotten how wonderful and addicting an afternoon nap really is.

Cheers to weddings, flower crowns, and daytime naps!


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