Five Fall Favorites / by Kate Brightbill

Throwback pic of Sophie by  Pictilio

Throwback pic of Sophie by Pictilio

Fall is the BEST. Fall for San Francisco- actually for all of California- is a little different than a lot of the world. For us, it means warmer days than summer months, but cool evenings. We get all the benefits of the nostalgic pumpkin scents {and lattes, if that's your thing!}, ciders, and pies, and we dress in the colors of the season, but we have more warm days for walks and beach time. I absolutely love the fall. 

Here are the top five things I'm loving about fall 2014:


1. Wardrobe: Cable knits, cords, soft sweaters... all in deep, beautiful hues. I love to have at least one mustard yellow piece in the fall rotation, and a good navy sweater that matches nearly everything. This goes for me and for the girls' wardrobes! Because fall clothing takes more space in the closets and drawers, it's entirely ideal to have fewer pieces that work with everything. 

Tortilla Soup

2. Soups: I'm a soup fanatic for a couple reasons...

  • The recipes are often straightforward and simple to make.
  • I generally find soup recipes with plenty of veggies, so my kiddos can stay healthy.

My all time favorite recipes are tortilla soup, mexican meatball soup, asian noodle soup, and a basic chicken noodle with veggies. My children gobble up their soups and ask for seconds and thirds on all of these. Fall means we have soup usually two times per week, and for a busy mom, it makes menu planning MUCH easier. 


3. Hats: Again, fall is the time for the most beautiful days around here, but it's hardly too warm for cute beanies and other hats. I love hats for their colors {note that mustard, eh!}, and for their cuteness, and for the fact that it hides messy, unbrushed hair when necessary. 

4. Sports:  When fall comes around, I enjoy cuddling on the couch with slippers and watching a baseball game {when the Giants are in the playoffs, especially!}, or spending animated Sunday afternoons watching our teams play football- unless there's a heartbreaking loss, of course {and indulging on wings! When Brian orders buffalo wings, I am 99% more likely to watch the full game while eating them}.

LiveHealth Online

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