School Days / by Kate Brightbill

School Days

We are finally settling in to our fall schedules around here.

By "settling into," I mean, running from here to there to everywhere and being nearly late to all of it, but ENJOYING it regardless. I literally ran in real clothing about ten blocks this morning, maybe even fifteen blocks. This is what happens when you volunteer for early school drop-off when you are most definitely NOT a home full of morning people, on the day that your other child has her first day of class in the other direction. No matter how much I try to avoid the major hills in this city, climbing at least one per walk is nearly inevitable. This is how I managed to show up out of breath with flushed cheeks everywhere I went this morning. Who needs pilates anyway? Or wait, maybe I would be better equipped to run if I actually DID work out. Eh. 

For literally the first time in five years, I have both children dropped off happily in their classes, and I have sweet solitude and a cup of coffee that is HOT. It's very strange and wonderful and I actually am feeling excited about this becoming a routine. It may even mean that I can blog regularly again! I know, crazy right? Where do I start? 

School is such a beautiful thing. A friend told me before school began that children are far more resilient than we give them credit for being, and this has been proved to me already. When people have been unkind at school, Sophie tells me they were unkind with a bit of a "can you believe they did that or said that" tone, and then she follows it by saying that she asked them to stop, or told them that wasn't kind. She didn't wither when faced with challenges. I know there will be times in her life that things get much harder or emotions are really crushed, but for now, I'm just so proud and relieved that she is showing strength and character in kindergarten.

Isn't it best to just take one day at a time? 

I'm already feeling a bit silly for my emotional days before school began. It was this looming, unknown territory, and it was simply the possibility of difficulty that was hindering me. Is it just me, or do we get caught up on the possibility of difficulty more than difficulties themselves? 

Today, I am happy. Today, I am going to enjoy where I am in this moment. Today, I will not consider possibilities of difficulties, but I will enjoy being healthy with children who are also happy... And I will VERY much enjoy sipping coffee without urgency.

Happy Wednesday indeed.