For the Lunchbox: 01 / by Kate Brightbill

Bars c/o  Clif Mojo

Bars c/o Clif Mojo

I'm loving the whole "pack a {cute and healthy} lunch" concept. When I was a child, my mom made the sweetest lunches for us, often including a thoughtful note to make us smile. It's one of my fond memories in elementary school, and I'm determined to create similar memories for my own children. What a luxury to have Pinterest around to keep us full of easy ideas to fill those lunch boxes. I've been searching for bento boxes, reusable lunch skins to hold sandwiches, and basically everything we could need to get our kids nutritious meals this year. 

Soooo- when I ordered the school supplies on Amazon, everything was great and perfect, except that I accidentally ordered the tiny silicone containers for Sophie's lunch box instead of the average-sized! I really need to do a better job of checking measurements of these products before ordering, you think? These are obviously adorable, but won't be filling my hungry child. I've been trying several snacks that are nutritious, but tiny enough to fit in the little cups, and we found our favorite option: fabulous snack bars, cut in 2-4 pieces. 

The girls and I had a little snack bar taste test the other day. I received a box of Clif Mojo Bars {thanks Clif!}, which are nutritious like the basic Clif bar, but they're tasty enough for kids to love them. I set out four flavors: wild blueberry almond, coconut almond peanut, cranberry almond, and dark chocolate cherry almond, and the three of us had a good old fashioned taste-test. All of us picked our winner to be the one with the chocolate, because let's be honest, it had a serious edge. Runner-up is cranberry almond. Mmmm. 

So there we have it. Apparently the tiny silicone cups are good for something, and the Mojos will make definite appearances in Sophie's pink lunchbox. Thumbs up on both counts.

T minus 12 days 'til kindergarten, folks. I think the anticipation is probably harder than the actual thing. She's going to absolutely LOVE school- therefore, I'm sure I will love school too.