School... Week 1 / by Kate Brightbill


I'm soooo tiiiiiiired!! 

Who thought it was a great idea for SFUSD to start the school year with a full week of school? Ahhh, we're beat around here. I fell asleep on the couch at like 9:45 last night, and tonight I crashed for a nap on the couch at 7pm, (basically when Brian walked in the door), neither of which ever happen. We're the 11:30pm types, without fail, so clearly school is winning this week.

Good news is: it's Thursday and I haven't cried in two days. Thumbs up for me. Sophie hasn't cried at all, that champ. She's like a professional kindergartener... who knew? For all my fears and insecurity about her not going to preschool, she's a fantastic little school kid. She's made so many friends, and she's just HAPPY with the whole deal. She's asking that I don't pack so much food in her lunch because she's always the last one eating in the cafeteria, and she'd rather be playing, which I think is hysterical. I can handle a little constructive criticism. ;) When I got the lunchbox, I didn't think her whole appetite would fit in that box, but turns out, recess is way more appealing than eating. 

So yes, apart from getting these kids out of bed in the morning, and bawling my eyes out all day Monday, this week is going just about as perfectly as can be. 

Around home, we're missing our girl big-time. Maggie way prefers big sis over me, but we'll get a rhythm going and get accustomed to being on our own soon enough. I've found I've had far more time and patience to allow her to take her scooter slooowwwly here and there, because no one was waiting on us. Today-- lo and behold! She was brilliant with that infamous purple scooter! Speeding up and down the blocks and turning with no problem. A little one-on-one with her mama may be good for her after all. 

Tomorrow is Friday and Friday is my favorite. You with me?