The Girl with Yellow Hair / by Kate Brightbill


This girl. 

How does one write how they feel about little girls who hold their heart so deeply? These girls run, laugh, and LIVE with bits of my heart, and I am trying to put into words the way that I love them... it doesn't fully translate. It's okay, it doesn't need to translate. I will fumble to describe the joy that my Maggie brings to me on this day, her third birthday. 

Maggie is laughter. Maggie smiles with her whole tiny self, as if laughter is bubbling behind her smile always. She begins her days with a bright voice, she harasses big sis when she isn't awake. The phrase "may I please" precedes nearly everything she requests, and I have no idea how it has stuck so thoroughly in her vocabulary, but it is a proud tidbit for me. She has mastered the art of charming her way out of trouble-- she looks up with big eyes and a sweet voice to keep us from scolding her. She goes directly to sleep at nap time and more often than not needs to be awakened from that nap, but she never ever wants to sleep at night. Go figure! 

Her lovey is a giant pink stuffed octopus, called affectionately "Monster." She has the loudest pretend lion roar you've ever heard, and she is one of the only people I've ever known who actually squeals in delight when she's laughing. She runs fast and climbs high. She loves to pretend to be a kitty who is afraid of doggies, and she pretends to be a princess ballerina. She has heart. 

She is youngest around here, but she is not without opinions. She's the unwavering type when she really sets her mind to something. She makes most fashion choices for herself. She has a bit of OCD, which I can totally appreciate... she wants colors in their rightful spots, she wants her shoes perfectly in line.

She is our sunshine and I am honored to be her mama. Happy birthday Maggie girl!