The Making of Macarons / by Kate Brightbill

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There's a hype, yes. When it comes to macarons created perfectly by The Sugar Studio, the hype is 100% justified. I've been eating Hilary's macarons for ages {and even had her sweets grace the tables on Sophie & Maggie's most recent birthday parties!!}, and it was high time for a macaron making lesson. Brian made my dream come true a couple months ago when we took an evening macaron making class... it was worth every penny. 

StyleSmaller #thesugarstudio
StyleSmaller #thesugarstudio

We arrived at The Sugar Studio around dinnertime, and though I probably would have thought it acceptable to have eaten macarons AS my dinner, Hilary had thoughtfully provided a spread of delicious for us all. Watermelon, mint, onion feta salad {similar recipe here} was incredible and I want to make it for everything now. She also had cheeses and bread like any perfect hostess. We mingled and sat in her pretty lounging area, and then got to work.

Macarons are delicate and following the recipe requires precision. I have a little OCD, and so does Hilary, so we're a good match. She made sure I mixed perfectly, and I made sure my circles were exactly the right size for the cookie sheet. We picked our own colors for the shells and filled them one of three flavors she offered. While the shells baked, we went back for seconds on the cheeses and watermelon. YES.

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Macaron Classes | San Francisco #macarons
StyleSmaller #macarons #thesugarstudio


We only took about 100 home with us. Don't even ask how long it took for us to finish eating them... it was embarrassingly fast.

DO take the class, though. As a date, with friends, private parties, etc. It's the BEST. 



The Sugar Studio: 308 Alida Way, South San Francisco, CA 94080.