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Image via  Studio DIY

Image via Studio DIY

This week is the second anniversary of StyleSmaller, YAY! 

For two years I've been living and writing and learning. When I started this blog, it was with my cousin Erin, who is also a lover of cute mini things. We collaborated with photographers, with The Honest Company blog {very proud to have written about 20 posts for their blog- it was a wonderful experience!}, contributed to other websites, learned about and reviewed brands, etc. Erin also had three other businesses going, so after a short while, StyleSmaller became my own blog- about my life, thoughts, and take on style for the littles. 

Lately, I've found it difficult to come and write here, really because this site itself was in need of a refresher. I started the blog on Blogspot, transferred it to Squarespace and took about 100 hours to design it myself. I'm no designer, but it served its purpose until I created a shop as well. I've been tweaking and tweaking, but honestly, I am not passionate or knowledgable about web design, so it was just not functioning as I thought it should. 

About a month ago, my sister asked if I would like her to help. A resounding YES from my end, and she was off. She's recently decided to open her own branding and design company for small businesses, {in addition to her day job, and her role as mom & wife!! Yes, she IS amazing.}

In a few short weeks, my site was up and running SMOOTHLY. I'm thrilled to have a place for everything for my blog. If you click around a bit, you'll see all the products in my shop, you can find all my social media links on every page, you can see where online that I've contributed, AND- a bonus section with all of our favorites online {blogs! shopping! toys! books! It will be always rotating}. 

There is also a tab specifically devoted to San Francisco. Friends of ours- both with children and without- are forever requesting recommendations from us of great things to do in the city. Now I have it all under one category, and will continue to add to that as well.

I'm so indebted and grateful for my sister Amanda and her design expertise. I'm also incredibly excited again to come here and write and share all things with you on a more regular basis again.

ALSO- thank you readers! Thank you for stopping by day after day- now for TWO years. I may need to get myself something sweet to celebrate- it's kind of like a birthday, right? 




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