Weekend Thoughts / by Kate Brightbill


Parents from all over the bay area swear by La Petit Baleen for swim classes. They have locations all over the bay, and we've been enjoying the city one this year. One evening per week was spent driving as a family right below the Golden Gate Bridge at dusk and watching our kiddos become successful little swimmers. This week was the last class. My big kid was swimming laps and earned a big ribbon for passing another level. SO proud. 

As our fall agenda has been filling, we realize that we can't do everything. It takes a lot for our little family to realize we cannot do everything, ha! We tend to overbook and say yes more than we probably should. The freedom from not having preschool allowed a sort of day-to-day balance for these past five years, but with a regimented place to be daily, some of the extracurriculars need to be cut. It's so tricky to know what to keep and what goes, but we're excited for our girls to try new activities and enjoy learning new things.

The nerves and anticipation have subsided since I wrote my heart on the blog last week. I feel prepped and ready-ish, which is good since we're only a week out. Backpacks, socks and shoes and some big kid clothes have arrived. Eeee! The silver lining on back-to-school is school shopping. I mean, it is SO fun. We found the bests jean {under $20!} at Nordstrom Rack and Sophie was giggling as she tried outfits. It was so adorable. Nearly all the girls' clothes are gifted or ordered online, so she loves the idea of trying clothing in person in the store and getting to take it home that very day. Ahh, this new generation has a whole new perspective of shopping! 

Sophie loves every conversation about school, and I'm to the point where I'm wholeheartedly excited for her. That said, we're going to love our last week of freedom... I'm actually thoroughly excited for a MONDAY. What? I know. But seriously. We're going to make this a golden week. 


{Soph's swim cover-up is Mini Boden and on sale right now}

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