Scoot Scoot / by Kate Brightbill

"Maggie girl, what do you want for your birthday?" we've asked every day this month,

"A scooter. A purple scooter." 

We don't know where the obsession comes, but she's been telling us the same thing for at least six months, before her birthday was ever on the horizon. Now it's looming, and we've officially ordered the purple scooter. Sophie has declared that she will be getting Maggie her scooter, which I'm assuming means that she's planning to wrap it in all the washi tape and tissue paper to be found at my house, with a card and beaming smile of pride that she has gifted the expressed wishes of her best bud. Brian and I have purchased the cutest little helmet you ever did see, and we're all set. 

Today, Sophie let Maggie borrow hers to practice, as she says "just in case you get a scooter for your birthday Maggie. I'm not saying you will for sure, but maybe!" 

If her time on that scooter is a sneak peek of the smiles and laughter we'll be receiving in exchange for her own scooter, we're in for some good times. I LOVE birthdays. Love love love them. 


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