Giveaway: $150 to Minted! / by Kate Brightbill


The other day, we were at dinner and I took a picture of Maggie's adorable toddler hands clutching lemonade with hot pink nails. In my mind, all at once it made sense. I've been wanting to repaint the girls' room and change it a bit for awhile. NOW, I actually have a plan... bright pink + yellow! I built inspiration around those colors {and added plenty of other color}, using pieces from Minted's art collection to complete the look {I'd been eyeing this yellow striped chair print FOREVER}.

My favorite place to search art prints is Minted. They have sooo many options for the whole house, and two of the ones inspiring my girls' room are directly from there. They're fresh and modern, and have something for everyone. I know for a fact that if I go on their site, they'll have a print I'll love. We picked up a piece for my room too {When I get it framed and have my room set to go, I'll post pictures!}. We love Minted so much that I'm doing a giveaway for YOU to enjoy their goods too! 

I'm not sure if you're a person who loves or hates giveaways, but I love them if they're for a brand like Minted! Here's how to win: use this link and ENTER HERE!