Weekly Shop Favorite 01 / by Kate Brightbill

Picture from my Instagram! Follow  @stylesmaller   @shopstylesmaller

Picture from my Instagram! Follow @stylesmaller @shopstylesmaller

Okay, so here's my new Monday series: favorites from my Shop, why I picked them for the shop, and how we love them around here. 

First up! Tattly Animal Drivers set. Here's why I want them in the shop: they're good for boys AND girls, they LAST {about two weeks if they're in a spot away from the hands that get washed constantly}, and they're perfect for kids' parties! I ordered tattlys for Maggie's 2nd birthday party {which probably my favorite kid party I've thrown because it was so simple and entirely FUN!}, and used them to stick on the kiddos and bring smiles, and/or the kids can take 'em home with them in their goodie bags. Ah, goodie bags. Sophie insists that every single party we throw requires goodie bags, and I cannot justify buying tiny plastic bits and pieces and noisemakers that moms will be dying to throw away asap. It's fun to fill them with snacks {healthy-ish ones?}, stickers, and tattoos! Ps. these are veggie dyed with no toxins! 

Maggie calls them stamps. I just call them fun.

Snag them over HERE.

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Happy Monday!