Currently Loving / by Kate Brightbill


Actually, currently loving is about three and a half years "currently loving." It seems about right to finally write about these gems of children's footwear. 

I tried several sandals on my baby Sophie when she started walking. Some fell off every three steps. Some gave her blisters. Some fell apart. Some just broke after three uses. 

Then Saltwater Sandals came in the picture. A friend's daughter was wearing them and raved, and we got Sophie her first pair of Saltwaters. They never fell off. They became immersed in water, and molded to her feet and became more comfortable than ever. They would not fall apart regardless of hard use and long walks. We've never turned to another sandal since. 

Maggie and Sophie get one pair of sandals annually, and these are them. If I'm going to write about small style, these deserve a post for themselves, and there you have it. It's about time! My one and only first-hand recommendation for kiddo sandals. 

Regarding colors- the three pictured are our absolute top picks. Bright pink is the next runner up. We've never picked navy, but always, always considered them. They last forever and pass down incredibly. :) If sandals are what your child needs, these are the best!