Fruit / by Kate Brightbill

There was a moment today that I realized my Whole 30 and national donut day will be colliding and nutrition is going to win. And I wanted to have a good cry because I'm on day 3 and I want out already. I miss cheese and I miss sour cherries, two of the best food creations known to man, and I love celebrating National days of utmost foodie importance. None of this qualifies as Whole 30 compliant.

I cannot make a blog called StyleSmaller entirely about food. Let's talk about something else, shall we?

Kids' style eh? Here's my cutie picking flowers like she does, in a dress covered in oranges. 

Photo by  Pictilio

Photo by Pictilio

How much do I love oranges? Excessively. How much do I love fruit-covered clothing for kids {and myself, for that matter?} Also excessively. In case you love summer fruit prints as much as I do, I've gathered my favorites for you:

So cute, right? I'm thinking Maggie would look juuuust right in that chambray number. So now I've created a post that has everything to do with small style and everything to do with nutrition, all in one.