Weekend Links / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Dutch Living

Photo via Dutch Living

The little boats above are just way too cute.

This makes me thing a job at Buzzfeed sounds fantastic. I love when people are funny.

I'm the type that tends more toward the "you're okay" parenting that she writes about, and I have a certain similar complex about it {Disclaimer- my kids running down SF hills are the exception... I'm always hands-on about that one. I have seen too many cement faceplants to let them try anymore}.

Hmm... this is pretty interesting...  My view on the deal is actually just that we're responsible for ourselves, so if we're checking social media when it makes us feel unpleasant and negative, well... let's stop checking, right? Gave me some food for thought though, I'll give it that.

I love good fish recipes. This looks amazing AND simple. 

Fabulous ways to use a shoebox.

A lovely living area. I love admiring home design.

Gorgeous, yet simple salad

This outfit has me thinking that fall looks pretty fine. 

Adorable dress for girls.

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Happy Weekend.