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Father's Day is always a tricky one for me. I want my husband to get some quality time being showered with love by his girls, but I want him to get to do something he REALLY enjoys as a gift. He's not so much of a "hey, here's a sweater for a special day" kind of guy; he's an experience kind of guy. He loves nothing more in the summer than a great game of baseball. 

I love baseball. I love the Giants... but Brian LOVES baseball {capital letters for serious emphasis}. The Phillies first, unfortunately, and then the Giants. If anyone asks him to a baseball game, he does his best to get there.

The week before Father's Day I was working on finding tickets on the every-so-shady Craigslist {I have such a love/hate with Craigslist!!} for him, unsuccessfully, when lo and behold! ScoreBig reached out to me about testing their services. 

Why yes. I would LOVE an alternate option to paying premium prices on the Giants site or paying Craigslist, aka "did I get scammed," price {there's clearly history with me buying baseball tickets on the good ol' CL, but I won't elaborate}. 

SO- ScoreBig, what can you do for me? 

Here's what they do. They provide the list of events. They provide tickets available for said events. They provide a spot for you to BID on your tickets. Yes, you choose your price. In this case, I decided the budget for two tickets was around $125. It tells me my with a color thermometer what my likelihood of getting - say 4 star tickets- is with the price I entered. It shows the ballpark and what seats are included based on the star rating. In my case, GREEN to go meant I could bid and likely score tickets.

I went with it. Four star seats... within one minute I knew if I had them. I scored, got my seat numbers right then and there, emailed them to my adored husband, who happily printed them and had fantastic time on the Friday of his Father's Day weekend... and still got to spend all of Sunday being showered with affection and cards by his little fans. 

Moral of the story? I'm using ScoreBig for Giants tickets forevaaaaa. I've already recommended it "in real life" to my friends, and now I'm telling you. They have tickets for concerts, sports, theater... you name it! It's not Father's Day anymore, but summer has just begun and there is plenty of baseball {or whatever suits your fancy} to be played and watched. Go get 'em.



*I was not compensated for this post. Tickets were provided for review. All opinions are my own, and we REALLY love ScoreBig.

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