Loving and Linking / by Kate Brightbill

image via  BloomThat

image via BloomThat

HOW brilliant can one company be? First, "Bloom That" created the prettiest bouquets ever, give coupons that look like the "get out of jail free" cards, and now they've outdone themselves with bacon deliveries {and SOCKS and SUCCULENTS} for Father's Day weekend. I kid you not. I ordered one c/o their company and the answer is YES: My husband DID instagram a photo out of the excitement and love in his heart for his daughters who handed the box of fresh bacon to him... he DID NOT save a piece for me {all forgiven, I had my chance for bacon last month on Mother's Day}, and he IS still dreaming of eating more of it.

That's my first and most important link of the weekend. Here are the rest for ya:

89 Best outdoor restaurants in the city... Super helpful for us locals who love eating outside! {some of my favorites on there too, which always lifts credibility, you know? ha!}

My favorite home designer was interviewed for Matchbook Mag, and the interview & style are just as lovely as one would expect. 

Gosh, how do people think of these brilliant ideas? Burger balloons, yes please.

Pretty printable pineapple wrapping paper

"It's better to build a man up rather than knock him down"... so true. #DadsDoRight

Why haven't I been making these all my life? YUM.


Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!! 


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