Weekly Shop Favorite 02 / by Kate Brightbill

Photo by  Pictilio .  Mini Baggu  Pictured.

Photo by Pictilio. Mini Baggu Pictured.

Oh heyyy, is it already Monday?? Mondays are the day I talk about... my shop favorites! 

Up for shop favorite this week are Baggu bags. I stock the medium and the mini in my shop. I lovvve the mini {pictured above} for picnic basics, lunches on the go, and the corner store runs particularly. 

The standard size I use for everything. I first found these bags when I was planning a family reunion for - literally a potential of 110 people on my dad's side of the family {he is one of 14, so- as you may imagine - our family is enormous}. I put together baskets in the hotels for each family of things they may like to use during our three days, and included these Baggu bags in different colors and prints and everyone used them everywhere- shopping, hiking, lunching, etc.! Beach trips? Perfect for sand toys because you get home, you can just shake 'em out. Swim class? We load them with the wet suits and towels to toss in the laundry as soon as we get home. We love Baggu.

They fold into squares, stuff in the purse, and save the day time after time, so I'll be stocking them for a loooonnnnng time. :) More favorites below!

Standard Baggus: $9, Mini Baggus: $7