Currently Loving: May 28th / by Kate Brightbill


Watches. Do my children know how to tell time? Nope! But they want to borrow my watch on the regular, and wear it around the house and make me nervous that it's going to get scratched, lost, or dropped in the garbage {what is it about toddlers that makes them think that throwing their mama's important things into garbages is so fun?}... not anymore, I say! May 28th created a line of beautiful and charming watches just for kids like yours and mine! 

My lucky little girls received them in the mail and were beaming with... what's that I see? Pride! They suddenly consider themselves big girls if they have watches of their own!! We went to the park and showed them to everyone they could... If I knew this was the reaction they'd get, I would have saved the trouble of finding birthday gifts and just gifted these in the future! {isn't it funny what really takes the cake for kids?}

Sophie and I have already had a few telling time lessons. When we ask her the time, she can tell us what hour it is! It was "around 2:00" from 1:40- 2:40 or so. ;)

Was telling time anyone else's WORST moments of 1st grade? I felt totally competent in most subjects, but consistently failed to get the clock lessons right. I'm going to get these little cuties time-telling in no time. 

We went with the flamingo and anchor, both VERY popular in our house, so they're taking turns with each daily. Here are some other cute options: 

I was not compensated for this post. I received samples for review and we truly adore these watches around here! xx

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