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Pic from my  instagram .

Pic from my instagram.

We're having heat wave #27 for 2014 here in San Francisco. 

This is a beautiful thing. I'm not complaining... but I will say that I've found new respect for those of you who have legit summers. Particularly if you're city-living without pools. 

It's like a reverse world around here. The tourists are dressed appropriately in shorts and tanks and look breezy and relaxed. Warm weather in San Francisco is what they were expecting, of course.

The locals are wearing their one and only pair of shorts for the third day straight {or is that just me that only owns one pair of shorts?}, and look like they're about to pass out while climbing city streets. Tees aren't even getting it done this week. It's tanks or bust. 

Maggie protested the playground yesterday, and sat under a play structure in the shade. Sophie told me we should probably stay inside the rest of today and all day tomorrow because we have just had wayyyy too much sun. 

City dwellers around here have been using their monthly budgets eating out every night so they can enjoy sidewalk meals in shorts. It's felt like Friday since Monday. We don't want to cook {too hot}. We don't want to clean {too hot}. We don't want to walk {too hot}. 

We have been rendered embarrassingly useless in this weather... but we're smiling about it. With sunglasses firmly attached to our faces.

Not quite useless, actually. It feels good to say that- like we're a bunch of free spirit types that have no obligations, but we've been keeping busy. Nothing crazy, just this and that. I'm kind of trying to teach Sophie to read this week, because Brian says that as excellent as she is in crafts and being a masterful artist, she probably should have a tiny bit of a reading lesson before school begins... I agree, but I'm kind of lost with teaching her...

I actually have a question for you who are more experienced in this department: Sophie is heading to kindergarten in the fall, and I'm feeling like I should be doing something to get her prepped, like in a more official sense. She knows her numbers, she knows her letters and a good amount of letter sounds... but teaching her to read? Ack, we've tried and I haven't a clue where to start. When we open books to try, she says "okay, that's enough of this mommy," and we're both ready to move on. I'm a terrible teacher thus far. I'm so curious about SIMPLE strategies for teaching her to read, where she enjoys it! We have about two hours/day that Maggie sleeps, and if I'm honest: LeapFrog does a way better job than me... {I know, supermom strikes again!}. 

Blogs, websites, ideas, books I can order on Amazon, I'm open to any suggestions!

Okay, enough of the useful talk. We're off to eat popsicles. With sunglasses. Hot isn't too shabby. 


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