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Swiss Dot Jersey DressChambray Shortalls | Jet Setter teeMarled Romper

Dobby Shirt | Retro SunglassesOxford Striped Shorts

Chambray Pocket TeeStripe Shift Dress | Graphic Beach Tee

Let's be honest with ourselves. The classic brand has been through some growing pains... gap is amazing, then not so much, then back to the top. This season, I cannot even list all that's on my wish list for the girls. There's so much good stuff! Maggie is my pastel girl, so the light colors are perfection. Sophie + chambray, whites, and greys are the best mixes with her olive skin tone. Fortunately - or unfortunately depending how you look at it - gap has it all right now. They've brought some actual style this year, rather than sticking to the safe {often unflattering} basics they've done in years past.

If you have some goods to stock for summer vacations, get yourself over there. If your closet and your children's closets need nothing, stay away! ;)


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