Adjusting / by Kate Brightbill

Sometimes I lose my writing mojo.

I have so many words that want to be written. I write in my head. In my head I'm free to share my whole heart and my silly and mundane thoughts. When I come here to type, I begin to write- deep thoughts and irrelevant ramblings both- and then I stop. 

The people online who share their hearts are too often criticized. They're too often put down. They're too often treated unkindly. I know people think it would be the best thing to have a blog make it big. To have one where people are paid to put themselves out there daily. It's would be a massive privilege to have an audience for your writing... but it's not why I write... and I don't even know if I would love if I did have that.

I don't blog to create a massive audience. I write because sharing life and making connections is something I love. When I became a mother, there was an isolated feeling... a feeling that no one was really in the same stage as me. When I read blogs, I saw a plethora of people living the day to day like I was. It was such a nice connection, whether or not I was directly communicating with them {I wasn't. I've never been much of a blog commenter}... I had so much to say and so many ideas to share and so many thoughts to get out and it felt natural to create a space of my own. 

With it all came opportunities, collaborations, a juggle of emails to sift through and connect with what looks right. While kids' style and getting great products and styling "looks" are a total love of mine, reviewing products is not. It's natural for me to give product recommendations in real life, but only products that I actually feel are something I would buy. THIS, my friends, is why I started my shop. It's a collection of things I would actually buy or already own. 

In creating my shop, my whole purpose was to then create blog posts that get back to the root of it all- writing naturally about the everyday and the styles I see and love...

But somewhere along the way, I've become handicapped in the area of putting myself and my heart out there. Sharing enough vs. over-sharing. Knowing I'm far from eloquent in my words and letting it stop me from writing at all. I wish sometimes that blogging was in its grassroots stage, where people were sharing more freely, but we've come to a state where the fear of critics or obtaining big partnership seems to take center stage. I came to that stage... but I'm done with it. 

I'm writing this to put it all out there. To really just tell you that the blog will not always be pretty, it may not always be visual, but I'm going to get back to sharing life and what inspires me... telling real stories, being real about the good and real about the hard. And being okay with all of that being far from perfect. 


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