Throwback New York / by Kate Brightbill

Brian has very rare work trips that bring him to brilliant places like New York City about once every two or three years. Any time I get a tiny indication that something of the sort may be on the horizon, I grab a phone, call my parents, and coordinate babysitting for the days in question, JUST IN CASE he needs some company on his looonggg trek cross-country. 

So I find myself in New York City. Blissfully alone today. Brian does not quite comprehend the strange ways of his wife that have me thriving in a beautiful setting all alone, but that is the difference between a true extrovert {that he is} and someone who tows the line between introvert and extrovert like myself. My lifestyle is one that so rarely allows for time alone that I am savoring each and every one of the minutes of solitude these two days. 

We spent the weekend in the Meatpacking District. Let me give a side-note really quick: every time we come to Manhattan, I feel like I've seen it all. Last time, we explored the Upper West Side and Union Square, which weren't neighborhoods I had ever visited, and we thought- well! Now we've seen it all! Now we're back, and realized that somehow we've never seen Chelsea or the Meatpacking district, which are AMAZING neighborhoods, filled with shopping, beautiful restaurants, and views!!  Oh the views! Basically every time I visit I realize how little I've actually explored and how many fabulous neighborhoods there are.

Today we're down by Wall Street, and I walked to Leo's bagels this morning and was hit with a torrential wave of nostalgia. The last time we were down in the financial district, Sophie was two. We got in cozy hotel robes, made silly faces in the mirrors, and sat and had Leo's bagels with a view of a crazy rainy NYC day, then ventured to Soho together for mother-toddler shopping. Even writing about these memories now gives me a lump in my throat because my tiny girl is still tiny and funny and beautiful and one of my favorite friends in the world, but now she's five and we have a lovely little Maggie bringing sunshine to the every day. We're in a completely different stage of life, far too quickly for my sentimental tastes.

I have a plethora of pictures to share, and words to write, but the city is waiting more me to explore more, so today I'll give you a little throwback, and I'll save the rest for later! 


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