Day to Day / by Kate Brightbill

Last week was a nice little spring break from ballet and swim classes, and I'm finding myself far more relaxed to start this week. It was fantastic to have no agenda, no classes, total flexibility! Sometimes a break is just what is needed to be excited about the routine again.

Speaking of routine, my routine of mornings in Pilates class has become- dare I say- fun for me? Now that I know the language and how NOT to break my back or arms, I'm enjoying it wayyyy more. Don't ask me how I feel about it when we're mid-ab-workout, but as a general rule, it's a good way to start a day. 

Yesterday my big kid took a nap. Whaaat? Yes, it was crazy. Total silence for a full hour. I spent my time wisely, of course, playing a game {threes!} on my iphone and setting a personal best score... I mean... Sometimes mindless games are so incredibly fun, and I actually don't regret it because it was super-relaxing, and laundry was already done anyway. ;)

I've come to realize that children just grow too quickly. My dad used to mortify me as a teenager when he called me his baby in front of my friends {I'm the third-born, so always the baby of the family}, but I am totally going to do the same to my children. I will forever and ever remember the day I met both of my girls and they were the tiniest darlings you ever did see, and now they're suddenly running and talking and becoming self- sufficient at the most rapid pace. I can't handle it. I want to bottle up the moments I can watch them sleeping in the sunlight looking like angels... 

I'm going to head outside, but before I go: I really want to let you know about something: Tea Collection {one of my favorite brands!} is asking people to nominate inspiring moms for Mother's Day by April 25 so they can win $1000! There are three categories: Encouraging Entrepreneur, Philanthropic Pioneer, and Global Connector. Read more about it and be sure to nominate the noble moms in your lives. 



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