Natural Dye / by Kate Brightbill


I know we love the idea of being super-domestics and using kitchen spices and such to get our eggs colored. I did this the last two or three years, but this year I wasn't totally on board with that level of egg-dying commitment. Enter: Whole Foods. Yup, went into my favorite grocery store in San Francisco, grabbed a box of GLOB Colors from the shelf, came home, {ate some cookies that I also grabbed at Whole Foods- full disclosure here, friends}, and boiled eggs, mixed some natural dye, and voila! Messes to be made by two thrilled little girls. 

Just a little tip for those wanting to keep things simple + natural for Easter. 


Egg Dying

So thankful to Whole Foods, who collaborated and provided products for us. All opinions are my own and I recommend dying eggs this way to any & everyone in real life too. ;)

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