Sometimes I wish I was a Food Blogger... / by Kate Brightbill

StyleSmaller | Photo by Pictilio

Food doesn't move. It stays still and looks pretty unless {tiny} people come and trip over it. Some days I would like to be a food blogger whose subjects are immobile and are just fine with switching out this for that. Kids have so many opinions, you know? Switch out a skirt for jeans on a normal morning and the world falls down. Never mind that it's 50 degrees outside and it's for their own good. Sometimes I like the idea of taking photographs or having my friends from Pictilio take photographs of subjects that sit still, and who don't tear up when I tell them no tutus today.

I don't love cooking or making food though {cooking is about survival, you know}, so it would never work. I would post once per month on the day that everything I made tasted just right and had all the proper ingredients for a beautiful picture. 

The above picture was a moment that I got to style a food post for my friends with this smoothie recipe they created that was total deliciousness. Who knew that dates could taste good? Not me, certainly. Peanut butter basically makes everything just right in the world, so in the right context, dates are delicious. The smoothie is delicious. Try it.

In other news, Brian and I went to wine country last weekend to celebrate a friend turning 32. Thirty-two is a big number in some cultures, you know. I'm kidding... this was just an excuse for all of us to get out of town and away from real life for a bit and visit a castle and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

Side note: did you know that when I was a child, I loved getting covered in mud and touching bugs and such? Camping was my cup of tea and I wondered why my parents didn't think it was amazing. Now, the closest I come to nature is getting to the country and staying indoors with a real bed and shower. I think when you spend a lot of your days being a total mess of fingerprints on jeans and fighting the battle of sandy-everything from parks and such, it's a welcome thing to get away and NOT be dirty for a change. 

The weekend was beautiful and sunny and just what we needed. There's a reason people take spring breaks. Refreshers are such sweet luxury for this time of year. Took me a full day to get out of chill-mode when I got home, and my poor home is wrought with laundry pileups, but it was thoroughly enjoyable, and I will recommend St. Helena and Castello di Amorosa to any and everyone. ps. This is not sponsored- because in blogland I need to clarify that sort of thing. ;)