Chalk, Sketches & Laughter / by Kate Brightbill

All photos by  Pictilio .

All photos by Pictilio.


We sketch the sidewalks endlessly. It's the easiest thing to bring chalk everywhere and entertain ourselves no matter where we walk. Drawing and sketching and sidewalk chalking are some of the things I get a little carried away with. I use just as many sketch papers and as much chalk as my children. Sophie is starting to really be a wonderful little artist, which makes me seriously proud. The other day, her pink balloon floated into the sky, and she got terribly sad about it... our therapy was writing a book showing all the different ways that the balloon may have gone. It was brilliant and colorful and it made me love five years old all over again. 

Maggie, meanwhile, treats me like her personal coloring book creator. "Mommy will you please make a lion for me?" and I do... "Mommy can you make a baby lion for me?" again "Mommy can you please make a girl lion with a dress?... She needs a bow on her heeaaaad!" And I do it because I kind of love being an amazing artist in the eyes of my two-year-old. She colors it in... I feel like a celebrity sketch artist... we're all happy. I mean, 30 minutes in when I'm still getting requests as I'm attempting to make lunch or something... not quite as charming, but you know. Mostly it's entirely adorable. 

I love the way these two laugh. The way they give grace to one another and to me, and kiss cheeks and make up and have a good laugh together in the course of five minutes. Laughter is a beautiful part of childhood, and I'm hoping they keep it flowing through their entire lives. Don't we all want to spend time with people who make us laugh and who laugh with us? Kids master the art of laughter so nicely.

I'd write more, but I'm feeling accomplished for making it through Wednesday, and I want to reward Brian & myself with some french pressed decaf and chillin' on the couch. Living it up around here, let me tell ya. 

Pics are all Pictilio.

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