I love Minted / by Kate Brightbill

Business Cards c/o  Minted  | Bobbi Pins are available in  My Shop

Business Cards c/o Minted | Bobbi Pins are available in My Shop

Ooooh, I've been blogging for 1.5 years and I finally got my first ever... BUSINESS CARDS! 

I've attended so many events around the city without anything to show for myself. Business cards are the way to put your best foot forward, and I didn't put ANY "foot forward." Not anymore, friends. Now I'll be handing these beauties out left and right. They're so fun because I was able to design them exactly how I wanted, with polka dots on the back, and all the essentials on the front. 

Mine are from Minted, and now that I've seen them in person, I wouldn't order from anyone else. I ordered the triple thick option, and they will NOT be getting lost in the crowd. They're entirely the quality I want. I'll take them everywhere with me! 

Minted + StyleSmaller

Today is Minted's birthday! They're SIX years old and full of prettiness. Visit them for business cards, cards, birthday invitations, stationery, or {what I'm currently eyeing} for their gorgeous art section

PS. The cards are c/o Minted. I'm a chronic fan of Minted... see my posts on their Christmas cards, MY Christmas card, and Minted notecards. All opinions are my own. I don't write about any brand unless I truly LOVE them. Thank you for supporting! xo

Minted Anniversary Sale