It's HERE!! / by Kate Brightbill

Friends. I've flipped the switch and sent this little shop LIVE. You can officially SHOP STYLE SMALLER. There are pages for accessories, home, and toys. Access the shop any day using the tab directly above!

I'm so excited... I'm dreaming everything just works perfectly, and hoping you all just love these pieces as much as I do! I'm just learning the ropes around here, so I'm starting simple and shipping domestically only, but I'd love to expand to international shipping eventually. 

Please take a look at everything!! Take your sweet time perusing. The nice part about online shops for me is that I can chill on the couch with a cup of coffee during "naptime lockdown" and shop directly. Maybe you feel the same?

I also think it's important to let you know that I plan to continue blogging about our day-to-day, our city, and any other subject that comes to mind. The shop is an add-on, as opposed to any sort of blogging replacement. I don't know what I would do without my therapeutic sessions of typing my every thought and photographing my mini style inspirations. ;) 

So much love for all of you who come and read, follow and support me.

Cheers to this beautiful Wednesday!