Average Day Post / by Kate Brightbill

After Pilates this morning, I vowed off bagels for life if I could never go back to that exercising pain, you know? ... Then I opened the mail and had an ad for some bagels & I'm vowing to go to Pilates again tomorrow so I can have one.

Speaking of eating, Maggie just put a couple of minnie mouse's shoes in her mouth. Why is it that just when you think a 2-year-old is over the whole random dangerous habits bit, they pick it right back up where they left off? They love to keep our heart rates nice and high.

Just another average day around these parts.

Exactly half of my home is seriously clean. Like tidied, vacuumed, wiped, clean-clean. The dining table is included in the clean mix, so my children were treated to sitting on the kitchen counter for breakfast this morning. Everyone was happy. I'm not generally crazy-mom about these things, but sometimes I just want that half of the house to stay clean just one more half-day, so I do crazy things.

We're heading to a playground soon. The weather is strange today. It was so windy in the early morning that the old windows in our home were rattling. It sounded like a storm outside, but it was actually a bit warm... someone called it earthquake weather- gosh, I hope not. The sun shine is becoming such a standard here. It may be time to invest in succulent stock because we're basically becoming desert-like around these parts. Whenever it rains this year, it makes the news headlines. 

I like to regularly put up a post without pictures and talking about everything and nothing all at once, just to be rebellious. Do you know bloggers are never supposed to do that? It's true. The thing is: sometimes I just don't think anyone reading needs a picture of my freshly vacuumed rug, or my Pilates sweats {ps. I didn't do laundry in time, so I actually DID wear sweats this morning to Pilates, which is NOT what you do... yoga pants or bust! I figure my dignity is gone the moment I try my first move in class anyway, so how much additional dignity is gone by wearing sweats? At least I'm there.

Now it's time to get going... green veggie smoothie for lunch, bagel smothered with cream cheese, or something in between?

I'll never tell.