Shop Talk / by Kate Brightbill


That little countdown chain is telling us we only have 8 days until shop opening! EIGHT DAYS.

Yesterday, I let you in on the little secret shop opening next week. Today, I want to give you a little background about why and what the shop is about...

I'm always on the hunt for great products for stylish living with kids. Just because I have two pre-school aged children does not mean that I want my home or our life to be filled with plastics and chaos.

I want to maintain clean aesthetics... style that translates seamlessly between the things my children wear, to the toys they enjoy, to the home where they live. I believe it's possible to have a bright, beautiful life without submitting to messy, disorderly stereotypes. 

I'm not big on breaking the bank to accomplish these goals. I'm queen of consignment. I rarely purchase without thinking thoroughly about how much use a product will get. I love toys that entertain for long periods of time- for many years. Accessories that bring smiles to my girls' faces with their spunk and shine. Kids' bedroom products that function, while adding brightness and cheer to walls, shelves, and beds. Less is more, but "less" can be GREAT. When I make a purchase I want to love it, I want my children to love it, and I want it to be used over and over and bring a little extra dose of fun to the day-to-day.

So. The verdict?

It was time to get a shop opened. A shop that will include pieces from artists and makers who create beautiful and functional and affordable things, so you don't have to do all the research on your own. A one-stop shop for birthday gifts, for beautifying, for the items that add a little something happy for both parents AND children.

I've hand-picked every piece. Everything has been cleared and approved by my toughest little pair of kid-product critics. Our little team {ie. Sophie, Maggie & I} are so excited to show you! 

8 days to go! 

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