Day-to-Day Maggie / by Kate Brightbill

Photos by  Pictilio

Photos by Pictilio

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This girl.

She's almost 2.5 years. I don't have a baby book, but I want to remember every bit of this stage, so this will suffice for now. Let me tell you a bit about what a day around the house looks for Maggie these days, and hopefully one day soon, this will all be transferred to a baby book...

She's been awakening in the middle of the night saying "Mommy! Cuddle me! Daddy! I cold daddy! Mommy! Wata please!" She's always been a great sleeper, so we're hoping this is a quick phase. Even in the middle of the night, she's cheerful and generally polite. ;)

When she awakens in the morning, she doesn't get out of her toddler bed until she calls to us "get up guyyyys?" and we either tell her it's too early {any time before 7am} or we say "okayyy!" She comes to our bed with her monster, aka hot pink octopus that is her lovey and we snuggle for a bit, then get up for breakfast. Some days, like when I make oatmeal or when we have Captain Crunch in the house, she eats until I tell her breakfast is over. Most days, she eats half of her portion- sometimes just a bite- and says "May I please be excused?" All her words are said separately and are choppy, and it is adorable. So incredibly adorable. Nine out of ten meals, she spills. Comes with the 2-year-old territory.

The girls do floor puzzles endlessly. They complete them together, then put their hands on top of one another and say "We're a TEAM..." as their hands go in the air... then they pull the puzzles apart and start over. Generally before or after or during breakfast, she's requesting her tutu. Her tutu is all tulle, strings hanging from use... she puts it on, often backwards, comes to me with a beaming smile and all regality, and says "princess Maggie," and spins until she falls. She is beautiful. She melts me.

She is the fastest and slowest and most tricky one to chase around the city. Thankfully, she doesn't mind her stroller and neither do I. There's no telling how long a short walk would take without one. ;) She loves babies and she especially loves when her baby cousin gets in trouble. Trouble is Maggie's favorite word, and she is particularly happy when someone other than her gets into trouble. Her sister is her dearest friend. Sophie is patient with her, and Maggie adores Sophie. They fight {quite literally} over toys or puzzle pieces, but are quick to apologize and hug and laugh together shortly after. Maggie is most difficult after naps and before dinner, and she wants me to hold her as I cook. It's one of those things I know I will miss later, but cooking is not my forte and one-handed can be challenging. 

I could write a book right about now, but according to the lines I wrote above, Maggie will be waking soon to keep us on our toes, so it's best I go to bed and get some solid rest. ;) 


ps. I always wonder how other mothers do with baby books. You're probably all up-to-date and make photo albums and scrapbooks... I have such good intentions! I just feel that at least if these memories are written and printed somewhere, it's acceptable for now, and then one day I will have time? I'm thinking of trying artifact uprising for photos- has anyone gotten a book from them? I want to also make some Blurb books for more of the memory/writing. Please let me know if you've used either and liked/disliked/have any tips! xoxo.

pps. Photos by Pictilio.