Conversations / by Kate Brightbill

Last night's dinner conversation with Sophie, Maggie & me:

"I think daddy wins for being funniest ever and Maggie is the best at being a princess" Sophie says confidently (note Maggie's tiara + tutu at the dinner table). 

"Oh and Sophie, you're the best at being a ballerina AND you're really funny too," I said.

Sophie replies, "And mommy you're the best at...."

Silence. Stares upward, thinking incredibly hard.

"Mommy you're the best atttttt..."



"Oh! I know! Actually... nooo definitely not that..."


I try not to laugh as I lean over and kiss Maggie's head. 

Sophie's eyes got big, "OH, mommy is the best at giving us hugs and kisses!!!" She beams at me. 


Phew! At least their mommy is good at something!