December Weekends / by Kate Brightbill


Ahhh, weekends in December.

My head is spinning with the flurry of activity and excitement. Yesterday I sent Sophie to a birthday party in her favorite sparkle dress, which makes sense unless the party is a pajama party, which it was... whoops- chalked up another "best mom ever" moments. It was one of those days where we probably said yes more than we should have, so I inevitably dropped the ball on some of the day's details, but ahh, HOW can we miss this party or that? It is all SO fun! 

Then we wake on Monday morning with fuzzy eyes and slow steps and wonder what we were thinking. Kind of a similar parallel to when you're eating giant bagels and say you'll do exercise to make up for it, and then you go to exercise class and swear you will never eat another bagel again so you don't have to torture your muscles in exercise class again. Deep inside, you know you'll probably do both again...

One day we'll learn balance. It just probably won't be this December.  ;)

More soon.


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