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This blog is a far cry from a true children's style blog at this point. Kids style themselves... they love things, they don't love things, and they are happy to express it. Some days they're fashionable, other days they're eclectic. I don't regularly force my style preferences on the girls now that they have their own voices and opinions, and we all have fun (most days!) getting ourselves dressed.

Maggie became the voice for independence in fashion this year, and positively melts in sorrow when we require pants (even if it's 45 degrees out!). Sophie has told me recently she really likes having my input on getting herself dressed, and it made me feel like a million bucks. She picks the main event and I help with the extras. 

We are not fashion predictors, but we CAN tell you the biggest hits of 2014 wardrobes for these girls, and we'll probably keep buying similar for 2015, for all practicality purposes.

Hits of 2014

H&M Skinny Jeans- The only jeans that really fit my little ones. Both girls have trouble finding jeans that stay up, and these are the winners for 2014. 

Mini Boden Short Boots- Sophie's top choice for shoes this year. She wanted to wear them every single day with everything, and they really work perfectly for kindergarten.

Zara Sweatshirts- Zara and Crewcuts have several sweatshirts (on sale now!) and they are the absolute best... cozy, colorful, and perfectly wearable with jeans or skirts. I'm so glad they're back in style. 

Tea Collection Twirly Dress- Somehow all the girls' favorite twirly dresses are sold out, so I found another good option. Twirly dresses are basically the staple for both girls. The twirlier the better. 

Mini Boden Mary Janes- The most worn shoe of the year in our home goes hands down to these gold sheen mary janes. Maggie loved them so dearly and wore them so much that she was gifted another pair for Christmas. If it's cost per wear, they're the best value because they literally spent at least an hour on her feet every single day.

Zara Fur Vest- A gifted fur vest has proven to be one of the easiest pieces to add to an outfit to make Sophie warmer. She was a bit hesitant to wear it the first time, but she came home telling me that her friends loved it and has been wearing it excessively since. 

Patterned Leggings- The floral leggings gifted by Mini Boden were the absolute winner of the year. Floral leggings are suddenly our favorite cozy pant! They're surprisingly easy to match, and can be easily transitioned into spring. I'm confident there will be more options to pick up at kids' stores in January, and if I can, I will. 

Honorable mentions: sparkly clips & headbands, leopard prints, knee-high socks, tulle princess dresses, and skater skirts.

I don't know about you, but I love when my kids' clothing gets worn to bits. It means it was a worthwhile purchase, and that money was not wasted by its purchase.

There were a few misses in the mix, obviously as well, so I thought I'd highlight those as NOT popular here in 2014 (even if the fashion called for them!):


Misses of 2014

Overalls- We came, we saw, we returned. Neither girl was a fan, and they were never deeply discounted. I loved them in 1993, so I thought we might love them now, but we just didn't. Jumpers are still okay (well-loved), and so are shorts overalls, but long overalls were a no.

Flipflops- Is it just my children? They get blisters every time they wear flipflops. 

Shift Dresses- Perhaps I should clarify that this silhouette was a hit in MY closet this year, but for the littles: shift dresses were pushed aside in favor of twirly every single time. 

Minnetonka lace-up shoes- I thought these would be perfect for kindergarten, but the laces are terrible, and the shoe itself feels clunky and doesn't feel sturdy enough. We still adore Minnetonka, but we'll be sticking with the classic two fringe zip-ups from here on out. 


There you have it! A full recap of 2014 styles for two opinionated little girls... a time capsule for them to officially tease me ten years from now for letting them wear pieces so clearly and terribly 2014. I will assure them that they adored the styles and they will tell me we all had crazy taste. Ahh the relentless cycles of styles! ;)

Happy last-two-days-of-2014, friends!


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