Tis the Season / by Kate Brightbill


It's here.

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived at Casa Kate&Brian. Our home has become a bed&breakfast for family, which is is exactly how we like it. We spent last weekend hustling and filling our home with Christmas cheer {a Christmas tree the week BEFORE Thanksgiving? Yes, indeed. Special thanks to Home Depot for having unreasonably early shipments of sweet-smelling trees for unreasonably early decorators such as us}... and we are spending this week with our home filled with east coast family. San Francisco is known for squishing as many people and as much furniture into tight spaces, and this week we are making it happen. We are very pleased with our recent bunk bed purchase, I assure you. Our little family is spending the week as four in a room, nice and cozy. In the course of one week, we celebrated early Christmas, Thanksgiving {!! We made our very first turkey, and it wasn't TOO dry ;)}, and our little darling turning SIX tomorrow {what?! How is is even possible that we're about to have a six year old??}

Our children are losing track of what holiday or birthday they are celebrating on a given day, being entirely spoiled with baked goods and packages, and are brilliantly pleased through it all, obviously. We're trying to curb the spoiling, but then again- it may just be one of those weeks where we need to throw our hands in the air and say to ourselves, "let it go"... and then to the girls "Just be sure to say thank you!" So far so good. 

Thanksgiving is the BEST. I've always loved it... it's the kickoff to the holiday season, the day we remember ALL the good things in our lives. Such an appropriate holiday, that's what I say. I've had plenty of easy years and plenty of years filled with heartaches, but one thing is true: there is ALWAYS a reason to be thankful. There is always a glimmer of hope and joy in our lives- God has given so much... the miracles of life and gift of family... we are so thankful.

I have about a million words to say, but we'll be up and shopping early early tomorrow, and I've been ordered to get to bed early. Ahhhh, traditions. I love them, and I'm not planning to change this one anytime soon, but sometimes I'm like, wait, why are we getting up so early on our day off again? You with me? 

More soon.


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