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The thing Sophie wanted most out of school was to learn to read. School has been incredibly helpful, obviously. The kids have learned all sorts of letter sounds and basic reading skills, but she's grown impatient. Now, she wants to come home and open books and learn, learn, learn. 

The past couple weeks, she has been grabbing beginner reading books, and trying her hand at reading on her own, one small word at a time. I was a big-time fan of reading as a child, so I'm thrilled to see her driven to read. 

What are our favorites? Ahhh, so many. We found out that Reading A-Z is a site that has plenty of printable books perfect for our kids' exact level, so that's the best resource for her to learn... BUT, in my opinion, there's nothing like holding a real book in your hands and delving in while cuddling on the couch on a rainy morning {eeee! We have RAIN today!).

Our favorites to read together? The list goes on and on, but here Sophie's favorites for age 5-6:

Annd books Sophie enjoys for learning to read by herself:

Now obviously I'm not a teacher, but I think these are GREAT options for early readers to start really enjoying their books! When asked for a wish list for Christmas, the books were riiiiight on the top of Sophie's list. School works! :)


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