The Juggle Lately / by Kate Brightbill


Hello from the least consistent blogger of 2014... I miss this little space! I wish I could say I was off reading books on beaches and taking leisurely strolls to get coffee, but nope! I've just been here, there, and everywhere. I'm not one of those people who enjoys being busy- I'm a total homebody by nature- but I'm also enjoying everything so much, it's been hard to take anything off the plate. 

I started tracking my steps to prove I'm busy {ha!!!}. It worked properly for five days, during which I averaged 3.1 miles of daily walking. It became this competition with myself- like, do I take that second bus, or should I just walk the remainder to get more steps into my walk? I had a 7 mile day where my legs felt like jello by the evening, and it was a strangely satisfying feeling. I don't have to have a gym membership, or subject myself to pilates torture to get a workout! After those five days, my phone's step tracking reset and I stopped paying attention, but I am still mostly making the choice to walk when I can, rather than bus it. I recommend it. Maggie really enjoys her stroller, so we're all happy.

We're in a bit of a groove now that school has been in session for awhile. My time alone with Maggie has been very sweet. We play a lot of candyland, and take a lot of scooter rides. She has extracurricular classes that keep her week varied rather than mundane. I've heard that when kids get home from school, they're wiped out and sleepy... not in our case. Sophie gets home and the two just squeal and play like they haven't seen each other in weeks. It's high-energy fun, and it cracks me up. 

I'd be lying if I said I'm not a bit worn out! I'm worn out but in the happiest way. It's this strange phase where I cannot perhaps sit as much and unwind, but watching my family doing things they love and seeing them thriving is making me so happy. I mean, is treking my child to swim class my favorite part of the week? Not at all... but seeing her successfully swimming {especially when at the beginning of the year the water made her scream} is so thrilling. Is making the perfect lunch every day for my school-kid the most exciting part of my day? Not so much... but seeing her articulate her specific preferences in a mature way as I pack it makes me smile {also! crazy enough, she almost entirely flat-out refuses to buy lunch! I do not get it, but she thinks so much of her lunches in her lunchbox, and I'm a bit flattered about it, haha!}.

There will come a day that I have a consistent blogging schedule and a full blog- {and a full shop, for that matter!} but for now it is taking a bit of a back seat, and that's okay for me. Adjusting focus and schedules is part of life. I will be sneaking posts in as often as I can- if you know me well, you know I always have so much to say and share about. It just cannot be daily as it was before... just for this stage. ;)