Less is More / by Kate Brightbill


These dark mornings are brutal!! Remember just a couple short months ago when school had just started, and it was light and bright in the morning, and wakeup for school was seamless and efficient? Those memories are hazy around our home, because our mornings have become dark and cozy and no one wants to get themselves out of bed, let alone get themselves moving toward school, work, or classes. We are counting down the days until we "fall back" around our house {4!}. I think families with kids are generally adverse to changing the fall clocks, but now that I no longer have tiny babies, and my kids lovvve their sleep, we're thrilled about this weekend's clock adjustments. 

I love my sleep too. My health hasn't been great this month, so my body seems to be needing extra time to cuddle in the blankets and extra cups of coffee-- {or is that water my body wants? the lines are blurring}. Sometimes doing my best to over-achieve and get things done backfires to the point where I need to stop "doing" altogether, and take time to really and truly rest. This is where I've been... resting. My emails went untouched for a bit, and it felt totally right. My blog took the same route. The holidays are coming, and I want to be well-rested and unhurried enough to truly enjoy them. I will admit that I've already done half of my Christmas shopping, 100% online, and it's not even November yet. It's a sign of me being serious about wanting to keep the next couple months clear from distractions, and fully being present. It's far more fun to prep for the holidays without a looming deadline.

If "every day I'm hustling..." as our culture requires as the path to success, the day-to-day may lose its luster. Do I want to work hard? Do I have goals and dreams? Yes, and absolutely... but I don't want to forsake that which is beautiful and that which is directly in front of me in an attempt to push toward a bigger and brighter future. If I'm weary, I should rest... seems such an elementary concept, but much harder to implement, yes? There is a nagging fear that if I rest, I will miss out. I will not accomplish this or that, or be here or there with and for everyone.  

I'm seeking meaningful moments and thoughtful conversations with my girls and with my husband. I'm seeking true quiet time for myself during moments I would normally use to accomplish.

I'm seeking more by doing less.