Bunks!! / by Kate Brightbill


Last night, Brian and I spent four {or five?} hours building bunk beds.

Our girls have talked at length about how fun that this friend or that friend has bunk beds at playdates, and seeing as they share a room in a San Francisco apartment, space-saving options are always a good idea. Last week a friend told me about a place to get great bunk beds at crazy good prices... we weren't entirely adverse to Ikea, but we also live in earthquake country, and have a tiny bit of paranoia. These beds are made SOLID, with thick wood, so we made the purchase {no shipping charges!! that's a huge win!}. 

Before this, the biggest project I've assembled was the girls' play kitchen... believe me, that's a {totally worthwhile} chore, but obviously bunk beds have far more at stake than a play kitchen. We were meticulous direction-followers, but still managed to have to backtrack on a few steps when something was backward or off slightly. We thought it may take two hours and it took double... these sort of things can either make or break a night, right? Thankfully, it actually made the night a really fun one. We had to put the girls to bed in our bed, where they were giggling, squealing, and whispering excitedly as we assembled in their room. Their excitement paired with our bonding over sore thumbs and aching backs {ugh! We're so in our 30's!!} and listening to Beats playlists made it actually a really fun project. I mean, it's so easy to be lazy and call the professional {my dad! he's the best contractor ever!}, but we felt SO accomplished when all was said and done. BEDS! Solid, beautiful white beds! No more of Maggie bumping her head on her tiny toddler bed at 1am and waking us from our blissful slumber. 

Obviously the girls were elated when they awoke this morning. Wait. Let me adjust that sentence: Sophie was elated... she was giggling as she made her bed and exclaiming about how beautiful her room is. Maggie was sleeping her little heart out in her bed, which is about 100x more cozy than her toddler bed was. She didn't even awaken while Sophie got dressed and ready for the day. She slept until 8!! She is not a 8am sleeper, my friends, so clearly we've done good work. 

Brian and I feel thoroughly accomplished. Pardon the fuzzy picture of the pretty new beds, but I was only home about uhhhh- 5 minutes of daylight today {I'm exaggerating, but really, we got the car today and basically did a month's worth of errands and extracurriculars in one day because we could}. Obviously I used my minutes to take a quick pic before Maggie took her nap... proof that it really did happen.

Now that I'm 32, I feel kind of okay saying I want to go to bed now and it's only 9:15. I won't because of the principle of the matter, but I will put my typing to rest, and hopefully 'see' you again soon! GO GIANTS!



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