Thirty-Two / by Kate Brightbill

{stole this pic from my friend... thx Iss) 

{stole this pic from my friend... thx Iss) 

This morning I awoke a 32-year-old.

It's always a bit sad when my birthday ends and I'm only left with a number that sounds much higher than the previous. I really like birthdays, but I'm not SO into climbing up in years! Today was a half-holiday... Brian worked a full day, but Sophie was HOME. Messes were bigger, laughter was louder, cartoons were watched, and sleeping in an extra half hour was a reality. Some days call for all of the above, and some days deliver. The girls giggled and created together from start to finish. Melts my sentimental little heart.

So yes, yesterday was my birthday. I received a birthday cake more gorgeous than our wedding cake {HA, no, I loved my wedding cake too!}, and basket full of lumpia {Filipino DELICIOUSNESS for those who have missed out all their lives!}, and a Mexican feast of enchiladas and tamales.  My friends and family have come to realize that food and earrings wrapped in pretty packages are the way to my almost-mid-30's heart. We celebrated Saturday with good food and a trek to watch the Blue Angels perform their air show magic together, and Sunday relaxing with food and family and watching two very sad Giants games. All in all, far too spoiled for such a mid-ranged number, but happily so. 

The year was a good one. Thirty-one will go on the books as the year I began feeling like my own person after full time and energy devoted to my girls in their teeny tiny baby and early toddler years. It's the year that I felt more sure of myself, and had moments of confidence in my parenting {followed quickly by being humbled in my parenting, haha!}. I laughed a lot, I was an assistant tent-maker and coloring book illustrator by day {with tiny employers and payments only in hugs and kisses}, and a chronic couch dozer in the evenings. Brian and I made it a priority to get on regular dates, and have benefitted from that time together. Ups and downs came, as with every year, but I feel my 31st year ended in a clear "up." 

All in all, 31 was good. Now onward to 32!!  


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