Day-to-Day Loving / by Kate Brightbill

Photo by  Pictilio

Photo by Pictilio

Valentine's day is coming. I have always loved Valentine's day... and I didn't have a Valentine until college. It was never about what we don't have, it's just a day reserved to show people you love that you adore them and are thinking of them. 

My husband and I don't go big for Valentine's day, but we like to let each other know the little things we appreciate about one another.

One simple idea is to keep tiny notes with kisses. I write things he does that make me smile, and keep them handy to drop in his bag for him to find at work, or place them by his coffee mug for him to find when I head out of the house for a run in the morning {REALLY trying to get better at taking those morning runs!! ha!}...

It's just a thoughtful way to remind him I care on a regular basis!

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Photos by my dear friends from Pictilio