Loving & Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Glitter Guide

Photo via Glitter Guide

Five detox smoothies... maybe it's just us, but I'm feeling this will come in handy this month. The holidays and their sugary goodness have me craving some good greens and vitamins.

A little 15-year old providing some serious inspiration.

So well-written: Busy isn't respectable anymore {ps. I'm totally taking the month challenge}. 

Got one of these for Christmas in a stripe version, and have been  living in it. It's kind of the perfect January chill look. I've been wearing it with these in dusty brown, which are ridiculously comfortable and perfect for motherhood. 

Thirteen great resolutions... with gorgeous photography to accompany each. 


That's it. Just five this week. Back to the regularly scheduled program next week... I love routine, so I'm looking forward to the every-day posting again! Happy weekend to all.