Health / by Kate Brightbill


The nice thing about having a blog about lifestyle is that when life hands you a day where you cannot even get out of bed, it totally fits the whole lifestyle theme.

Sometimes we get sick and there is nothing we can do about it. Literally nothing. I abide by the golden rule of eating BananaRiceApplesauceToast exclusively, taking tiny bites, tiny sips of water and gatorade, and powering through, but the sickness will need to run its course and debilitate me for a time. 

I thought a lot yesterday about the things that matter. I thought about how much I missed the little faces that I see every day, for better or worse that I could not see {special thanks shoutout to my mom, who kept them safe & happy and away from germs!}. I thought about the people who are in an uncertain place with their health, for whom the sickness doesn't only last one day. I thought about how little I consider those people. I thought about how long it's been since I have brought soup or groceries or anything to someone who cannot get them for themselves. 

It's both terrible and wonderful to have absolutely no ability to read, watch tv, peruse Pinterest {ack, I tried for a moment yesterday, and those food pins did nothing for my state of well-being!} or do anything at all. I need to do this sort of thing far more than I do, but under better circumstances of course. I read a great post from a friend about how little some of these distractions really mean. It is so important to become unplugged more often, and look at what is in front of us, and think about life, about others, about futures... with more clarity.  

Health is a gift. Today, I'm extra thankful for mine. I'm thankful that I can use my health to help others who do not have theirs.