Notecard Lovin' / by Kate Brightbill

I've been terrible at sending mail. Like, really terrible. 

Not anymore, I say... 

I ordered new notecards and the new leaf has officially been turned. I love writing notes. I love having the stack of notecards on my {newly organized!} desk. The colors make me smile, and the custom name at the bottom makes me feel so official.

My new resolution is one-note-per-week. When I was a kid, I absolutely loved checking the mailbox, because all of my mail was handwritten notes. As an adult, the bills and marketing mail heavily outweigh the handwritten note. Just a sweet note to say "hello!" and "I'm thinking of you this week," can make my day, so I'll be doing my part to make someone else's day!  

I think my friends will like it. :) 

PS. Minted has the best custom notecards AND adorable customizable Valentine's day cards

PPS. Top photo taken by Pictilio.

Thanks Minted for inspiring me and for the note cards!  All opinions and love of my new stationery are my own, obviously.