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Beachside Cafe | San Francisco

Yesterday we needed something to get our minds off of the tragic 49er loss {!!!dreadful!!!} , soooo: beach day!

Definitely did the trick. Seems San Francisco has decided to channel its best southern California and have perfect weather this year, and we're soaking up every bit until the mist and fog returns. I'm daily going back and forth in my mind about whether I'm happy or disappointed about that particular day being 75 degrees and not rainy, because obviously we need rain... but HEY! I'm choosing to be thrilled about the weather and enjoy every tiny bit.

Apparently the rest of the country is having beautiful days-- mostly WHITE and fluffy days, full of school cancellations and late-to-work mornings. Probably hot chocolate and moist chocolate chip cookies too... Equally appealing in different ways, of course. I love that there is so much variety around...

Does a place ever just jump out at you from nowhere and suddenly become a favorite? I grew up a few miles from this crazy delicious Beachside Cafe, and only discovered it this week.. voila! New favorite. This whole neighborhood is full of candy-colored pastel homes, and the cafe fits perfectly. Delicious! Fried egg sandwich, yes please.

And now: pictures!

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach
I absolutely love this: A+ for effort, Maggie... on distance..... not so much!ย 

I absolutely love this: A+ for effort, Maggie... on distance..... not so much! 

Ocean Beach
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ps. I'm sore from running around... a sure indication that it's time I get running or gym-ing or something