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Photo via  Moomah

Photo via Moomah

Simple tips for photographing your child. LOVE this.


The PERFECT cake for a kiddo's birthday party. Or mine. I love the cheerful simplicity.

If you are pregnant, listen up! I have my favorite ever picks for new babies on a Babyli.st registry! Very excited about it, so please take a look {ps. babyli.st is a spot where you can register for literally anything on the whole wide internet}. 

More for the new parents out there: making your own baby food... the simple steps with pretty pictures.

Kitchen time hasn't felt quite so terrible lately... I've even had moments where I've enjoyed cooking this month! I'm pretty sure my girls would love if I made these for them... 

Pretty earrings, and pretty shirt {and 40% off sale}.

For the creatives out there, a great video to inspire.