Today / by Kate Brightbill

Dear Diary / Internet,

The weather this week has been insane. Like, insane in a good way.. sunny + 75 degrees good. I haven't had the willpower or brain cells to stay inside and type anything. 

I'm working on these resolutions to DO rather than thinking forever about what I should be doing, to eat more veggies, get organized, and to enjoy each moment. We just passed the mid-January point... today, I want to lay on the couch, not DO anything productive... eat a giant pan of brownies, let the mess linger, and well... enjoy this moment of doing so. 

It takes 30 days for adults to form good habits or to break bad habits. I'm more than halfway there and it's at that tricky point where I REALLY want to "call it" and retry resolutions again in 2015 when I'm 32 and far more mature and capable of handling them properly.

I'm not really going to give up, but it's tempting.

I AM going to give the home a rest today-- tidy, but save the extra laundry for tomorrow, refrain from finding a new corner of my home to tear down and rebuild, have a sweet cup of coffee with some strawberries to squelch the sweet-tooth, and get some rays. 

Tomorrow I'll be back with a bit less of a "hey fall off the resolution wagon with me" post, and more of a "let's be better in 2014" post.