Loving and Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Playful Learning

Scissor practice! My friend told me her biggest challenge in kindergarten was using scissors, so I'm totally using this for Sophie.  

An incredibly refreshing point of view regarding schools.  

Ohh Etsy, too much good stuff here.

I had a day similar to this this week, {no pictures of mine}, and it's true. It IS the best. 

Not surprisingly, this new studio looks perfect. Design/interior dream team!  

Also in the "decor" category, this home tour has SO many elements I love. 

My best friend told me tried coconut oil  in her hair. Like, she let her kids put it in {which they obviously thought was super fun}... then washed it an hour later and it worked brilliantly for smoothness and shine... so guess what we're trying today? Kind of excited.

Honest created the BEST little cheat sheet for healthy school lunches.  

This skirt is so great... and on sale.  

I have a love/hate with European brands I find on Pinterest. Love them because they make such cuteness, and hate it because it's totally not accessible for us. Good inspiration though! ;)  


Lastly, the easiest fundraiser ever. Click the link below and sign your kids' school up for the Tea Collection School Days program! Takes a couple minutes to get your school set up, send the link to anyone you know who shops Tea, and your kids' school will get 15% of all sales at that schools' storefront. No walk-a-thons or bake sales necessary! ;)

{note: deadline is September 13}  

Happy Weekend, friends!