That Was Fun: America's Cup / by Kate Brightbill


By this point, you've probably noticed that we love the America's Cup. 

Yes. We can't get enough. Maybe boats aren't your thing and all your friends live in San Francisco and post pictures everywhere of America's Cup, over and over, and you're like "is this over?" Nope. It's not. And when it is, we'll be so bummed because it's so good to watch. 

Side note: I love having a blog at times like these. It's my little journal and letter to my daughters to show them the things they got to experience when they were too little to remember. If you're anything like me, you have far too many pictures taken to ever print... but I'm so pleased can show them this, and they can see that they really were around for things like this historical sailing summer in the city. 

Back to it: we went with my grandparents to get the view of these boats. I think I've mentioned that my grandpa used to sail and race to amazing places. He's been trying to teach us what we're watching when we watch the boats, but it's seriously a new language. As much as I'd love to glean a ton of knowledge and pick up the language of the sailors, it's most fun to simply hear stories. We love to listen to them speak with animation and thrill about the days on the boats, and explain the races to us because they know exactly what is happening. :)


The final races begin Saturday. Excited to see team ORACLE! :)